Monday, May 27, 2013

So Much to Be Thankful For.

The past few weeks had been kind of rough. . . with family issues to work out, important decisions needed to be made, a schedule that wouldn't quit, and weather that fluctuated every day, sometimes moment to moment. 
But it seems to me, even with the difficult and DOWN times, God provides the UP times, too. He gives us rest when we really need it. And He even blesses our lives in so many ways! All we have to do is look around us. . .

For some reason, I had been feeling down and a little neglected, lately. 
I missed my son, who lives 4 hours away.
I missed seeing my long-time friend, who lives 2 hours away.

 God knew that, even though time was short, all I needed was a small tidbit of time with my far away loved ones.
It almost wasn't going to happen, but then God provided!

What a blessed weekend I got to spend with family and friends!! I hope each of you, my bloggy friends, had a blessed weekend, as well!!
 Continuing to count my blessings, one by one at  
1,343 -  God has blessed me with an amazing, loving, kindhearted son. (at Lake Monroe, Bloomington, IN)
 1,344 - A loving hubby, who after some persuasion, was willing to go with me to spend a few hours with our son, even though the drive is very long.
 1,345 - A beautiful warm, sunny day and a gorgeous setting among nature and man-made structures...(Lake Monroe Dam in Bloomington, IN.)
 1,346 - Beautiful movement and power of water. It provides nourishment to man and nature, yet has strength when put under pressure.
 1,347 - Much needed time with my son.
   1,348 - That each step in life is a step of faith,  adventure, and hope in Christ...
 1,349 - Life can often be an uphill struggle...knowing that God walks with us every step...even when our legs ache from the steep climb up.
 1,350 - Sometimes life can seem so distant and vague, but we need to stand in faith in the moment, knowing God will help us get to the top of our hill.
1,351 - He helps us focus on what we truly need...what's important in this life...and where He directs us to go and what He calls us to do.
 1,352 - Ice cream and summertime!

1,353 -
Best friends, who love you thru thick or thin!

1,354 - Just a little time with my best friend of 30+ years!(at her two son's graduation open house).
1,355 - This song that came to mind, as I look at this sweet picture of me and my best friend.

To see more great pictures and find out what other blessings I am so thankful for, head on over to my other blog post,
"Lake Living is Grand at Cairn Cottage"


  1. Look like a fun weekend. Glad you're feeling better.

    1. Thanks, Helene. God does provide blessings, overflowing!!

  2. Dear Ann
    Yes, our Lord is one who loves happy families and friends! I am so glad He provided just what you needed to lift us the heavy heart! My two sons stydy in Port Elizabeth and that is also about 4 hours drive from us, bit I am so blessed to see them about twice a month.
    Blessings from Unite

    1. That is a blessing, Mia! I've only been able to see my son twice in 3 months. That can be hard on a momma. I hadn't seen my friend since last summer....way too long!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Distance is hard, isn't it!? However, I love how it makes those moments together so much more precious. Praying for your mama's heart today. UNITED ~ Jen

    1. Thanks, Jen! I have my days, but it's amazing what good that little trip down to see him did for me!!!

  4. So thankful you linked up! Have blessed week!


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