Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Word for 2017: Purpose

Well, I'm back from my "so-called" sabbatical...at least for now! Sounds kind of non-committal, I know. But I'm learning to let God take the wheel, which means I'm not always sure where He will be taking me. So, for now, I'm back!!


"Is there a purpose to all the events and circumstances in my life?"

This was the question that had been swirling around in my head for months. It first hit me, when I started to feel hopeless and disillusioned with the negative changes that seemed to be coming at me at what I felt was a monumental speed! Not only was I feeling overwhelmed, but I couldn't find any purpose or reason for God to NOT answer my prayers for this person (of which I prayed for over 24 years). 

This CAN'T be God's will, for my only son, that I love, to turn his back on the faith I have shared with him all of his life, and even more devastating, to turn his back on God!!!

But, the truth was there right in front of me. It was and he did.

Now, this has taken awhile to fully sink in for me. Some days, I admit, I have actually denied and rejected this possibility. I have even blamed God for setting me up by allowing me to have this child, raise him in a godly home, only to have him turn away. 

Obviously, I have read many Scripture verses that address this issue:

And I know, life is a journey. God isn't done with any of us. In fact, He could, and very possibly will bring my son back to his knees. But, He may not.

My thoughts keep swirling around these possibilities. First, I'm hopeful. Then, I start to think of the "what ifs". (You know those horrible two words that can take you to all sorts of sad and nasty places.) Before I know it, I'm wondering what the purpose is in all of this. And, more specifically, what is MY purpose in all of this?

Even though I believe God doesn’t want anyone to be lost (2 PETER 3:9), I have come to the conclusion that He is able to use all circumstances – no matter how bad – for our good if we allow Him. The same power of God that raised Jesus from the dead is capable of healing our physical, emotional and relational wounds. And often in his infinite wisdom, God uses us to bring comfort, guidance and healing to others who are going through the same bad circumstances we experienced. God is powerful and loving enough to use even these circumstances to bring about good.”

My verse for 2017
I'm also learning that this situation is not solely about ME having the goal of "seeing" my son converted! I know God has already used me to influence a good part of his life in mighty ways and He may choose to use me again. But maybe the purpose of this situation also is about God working in my heart, to grow me, too! I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of this possibility. In fact, there are days I downright dislike it!! Who really likes discipline and growth?

Lastly, I realize all too well, that I am a very impatient person! God's timing truly is NOT the same as mine. I would have thought my ongoing prayer for my son for over 24 years, that he would follow the Lord throughout his life would be plenty of time to have it take place. It really is unfortunate that in this life, our years are so limited. For God's timeline is a lot different than ours.(2 Peter 3:8)Seems a bit unfair, but who am I to argue?

Well, I'm still learning what purpose God has for these kinds of circumstances in my life. And, so it seemed appropriate to learn more about what His "PURPOSE" means. And my purpose in it all. In the forthcoming year, I pray that God opens my eyes more and more, as I seek and listen for Him to answer me.

Remember that fulfilling your God-given purpose is a journey, not a destination; it’s a process which includes preparation (which feel like pit stops) and delays (which feel like detours). But God is never in a hurry, He’s always in control and is completely able to get you where we need to go to complete in you what He started (Phil. 1:6).While God is unfolding your purpose, sometimes you may not only feel like you are wandering in circles, but you’ll also have to do some waiting—but that’s not a bad thing. ~ Shana Schutte

Feel free to check in now and then, as I hope to cover several subjects, including:

Finding purpose in the waiting.

Purpose and Providence.

Do we Have to Know God's Purpose in Every Circumstance?

Defining God's Purpose and My Purpose 

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