Friday, December 28, 2012

The End of a Momentous Year!

Just a few more days of 2012 left! I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or that I appreciate more than ever each and every day I have on this earth, but I feel like life keeps whizzing by, each and every year that passes.

I actually looked at one of the last posts of 2011 and interestingly, I wrote a similar paragraph to what I just wrote above, so it appears I feel that way every year, during the last few days. I also wrote a few goals I had for 2012. Reading over them reminded me that I was able to complete some of my goals, while others did not get done. But I also realized that there have been many little events that kept me sidetracked or other big events that prevented me from completing them. Now, I'm not making excuses. I realize that some of my goals weren't done out of my own laziness or lack of motivation. That's pretty normal for any of us, at times. But, all in all, 2012 was pretty momentous for me and my family.

1. We completed the sale of our home and moved into a much smaller lakehouse/cottage. We also did some repairs to the new house-which included a new roof and new drywall in 4 rooms.

2. I started another blog, called "Cairn Cottage", which has been a fun addition to this blog. I use it to post about some of the less serious things in life, like gardening, decorating, tea parties, fashion, etc.

3. I got a part-time job, something I hadn't really planned on, but it was through God's leading that I chose to apply at our church's counseling center as a receptionist. This was just one unexpected blessing God placed in my life this year!

4. I had the ultimate blessing, just this past week over Christmas, to go to South Carolina (a bit of a sidetrack from California, where I had planned on going last year) with my hubby and son. We renewed our wedding vows on the beach on Christmas Eve day.

There were some goals that haven't been completed fully, but are still in the process:

1. Our son is still at home with us, but he now has a full-time job and has been saving up to move out very soon. The process of helping him get his independence has had many hills and valleys this past year. But God is faithful and His timing has been so perfect. There were many things that our son was not ready for yet, by being on his own and that decision could have been disastrous if we would have had him move out.

 2. I didn't lose the weight that I had wanted to. This was one goal that I struggled with and have to say I dropped the ball. I did try to motivate myself by joining a weight loss challenge in our community, but dropped out of it pretty early. I haven't given up, but am changing my goals from losing the weight to living a more healthy lifestyle, i.e.- eating better, getting more exercise, getting more sleep, and worrying less.

3. Another very unexpected sidetrack was my brother's health. Back in February he was hospitalized with digestive issues, which seemed to dissipate until September, when they became worse than ever. He has been hospitalized now, for over 3 months, has undergone 4 surgeries, and is currently at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Needless to say, Thanksgiving and Christmas were both very difficult, as most of my family were spending time in the hospital, praying for his healing.  He seems to be improving, but it has been a very long and slow process! Again, I'm seeing how God's timing is everything!

As I contemplate the new year that is quickly approaching, I am sure I will be thinking about continuing to work on some of the goals I had from last year, as well as some new goals I would like to make. But, more than anything, I am realizing that I need to rely on just doing what God calls me to do each day, as it comes. I won't let myself be as disappointed, if my goals aren't completed just like I planned. I feel like this past year has helped me see that I can appreciate the little successes and blessings in my life, that everything on this earth is temporary anyway, and ultimately, God knows what He's doing and He's in control. I just have to give everything to Him!

In my last post I wrote how I was praying for several Christmas miracles. Already God has shown Himself to me in ways that I could never have fathomed. He opened doors that I thought would be impossible to open and it seems like He constantly is working in my life and the lives of those I love dearly! What a tremendous end to a momentous year!!

Instead of my normal listing of gifts this week, I decided to post some of our Christmas pictures, which reveal more gifts than words could ever say!
 Spending Christmas on the beaches of South Carolina

Renewing vows on the beach - our son officiating.

Throwing flower petals out to sea!
 Folly Beach, South Carolina (Morris Lighthouse in background)

Old military structures that filled the beach were covered with graffiti....very cool!

Goofing around....I still got him, after 25 years!!
Christmas Eve at the hotel that we stayed at.

Hotel Lobby

Blessings to you all, as 2012 ends
and 2013 begins!

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  1. Glad I stopped by, I too feel like the years are going faster. I too resigned myself to the fact I will never be thin so healthy is a much better goal. I like to eat and sometimes not so healthy stuff so have increased my exercise. It was God's hand that helped me there too. Curves for women closed and I am not at a real gym sweating more than I ever did at Curves. Happy New Year!


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