Sunday, May 6, 2012

Giveaway Winner Announced

A few weeks ago I had posted my decision to start another blog, one that was based more on my life and interests, while keeping this blog going, and focusing here on faith and listing my gifts (from 1,000 gifts). I asked anyone who had an idea for a name for my new blog to post it in my comment box or send an email to me.  I offered a prize to the person who made a suggestion that I liked the best and hopefully would use as my new blogname. Here is that post.
Wellll.... I think everyone got a case of shyness. Only 2 people responded, which I'm not gonna lie, was a bit disappointing. But I did promise that whoever sent the best suggestion in would win some cute handmade cards. Of the two people who submitted ideas, I liked the suggestions offered by Sherry over at The Charm of Home, especially her suggestion of "Cottage Dream" or "Lakeside Dream". Congratulations Sherry!!! 

But I have still been searching for just the right name that would fit perfectly. I also have come up with several ideas of my own, but was wondering if anyone out there is bold enough to vote for their favorite one out of a handful of options. (I know you can do it!)
Here are the options:
  1. Lake Girl Livin' Life
  2. Livin' on Lake Time
  3. Life is Good on the Lake
  4. "Dewing" it Right! (The name of the lake the cottage is on is called Dewart Lake)
  5. Dew{art} Drop In
  6. Poppy's Paradise (Our family name is often shortened to 'Poppy')
  7. Limestone Lakeside Cottage (Our cottage is partially built with limestone, as you can see in the photo above.)
  8. Cobblestone Cottage (I just liked the name)
  9. Aisling Lakeside Cottage (Aisling means dream or vision)
  10. Cairn Cottage (A Cairn is a mound of stones in Scotland, from where our lake is named. My husband is also a rock collector and we plan to decorate with LOTS of rocks of all sizes around our house.)

Please, help me decide by voting for one of the options above.  I don't want to have to resort to putting a number in a hat and choosing one, or even worse, letting my hubby choose one for me! ; P  Go to the poll listed on the top right sidebar to vote for your favorite! 

Thanks again!
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  1. I totally love ... Livin' on Lake time. Wish that was me :)

  2. I vote for Cobblestone Cottage. Just has a ring to it!

  3. And I vote for Poppy's Paradise becaus I love this alliteration. I also think Poppy is a lovely name.

  4. Hello Ann,
    I had my children home as you know and have been so busy that I really didn't have time to vote. But now looking at all the names listed, I like Cobblestone Cottage myself. I think it sounds charming! Have a lovely day, my friend.


  5. My two favorites are Poppy's Paradise and Cobblestone Cottage.

  6. Sorry I missed your first request for blog names!! However, I voted this time! I'm partial to "Cairn Cottage" because of my Scottish heritage =) But another one came to mind: "The Dew Drop In" A little play on words...(with or without the extra "n") I can't wait to see your new blog! Keep us posted!! Blessings, Joan

  7. # 2 and # 8 for me- I tried to narrow it down but...can't. ;)

  8. I like "Dew Drop In", it sounds like a friendly invitation , and is easily memorable.But all of the names are nice. You could also opt for something like"Rockin' At The Lake", but that might give a different impression than the tranquil cottage you must have. ( Just seeing you have a Rock Star son and a rock collecting husband...)

    Can't wait to see what you decide on !


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