Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Dream of Traveling

Hi, friends!
Well, I decided to establish a page that will journal our journey of a dream my hubby, Ken, and I have had and have continued to pray about for at least a few years. 

The first time I wrote on my blog about living a simplified life was back in April of this year. Go 
HEREto read it. I also wrote about first sensing our "nomadic" calling in May. You can read about that HERE.

A lot has happened since then, but we continue to feel that tug to simplify our lives, get out on the open road, and see where that road leads. We also have been discussing and praying about what the Lord is calling us to do as we plan to make some big changes in the next few years to come. We don't have it fully planned out, but we are now setting some goals and taking some steps toward those goals. We continually pray that God leads us in the direction that He wants us to go. Sometimes that can be difficult. As humans, we tend to push for the exciting and adventuresome life we feel would enhance our lives. On the other hand. it can be scary to take steps toward the unknown. But, that's where prayer, listening to His voice, and having a willing heart is SO important. God will lead us, if we let Him.

So, today, I am listing a few of our goals and how we intend to start accomplishing them. Some of them we have already begun, but will continue to work on in the months ahead.

  • Continue to seek God's will through constant prayer.
  • Slowly get rid of material items that we don't need. Slow down on buying extras.
  • Save, save, save. We want to start a separate savings account in the next few weeks that will help us prepare for when Ken retires (approx. 3 years from now) and we can get out on the road. We have other savings that we have kept over the years, but want to up that, now that the time is closing in.
  • Find out as much as possible about living life on the road. Below, I have listed a ton of websites, videos, and info. I've collected for several months. I will continue to search for, read, watch, and learn about what we will need to know, as we prepare for this big change in our lives.

Blogs and Websites:



Magazines and Media Journals:

Below is our initial plan, as to the type of transportation/ housing we are looking at purchasing. We currently just looking at our options, but also are keeping our eyes peeled for a good deal.

Class B Motor Home 


Here are some videos of examples of different possible Class B camper vans that we are considering.


The Class B Motorhome, the Baby RV


  • Least expensive motorized RV to own and operate.
  • Easy to drive on highway and around town. This RV is constructed from a van, so it is just as easy to drive.
  • Driving and living compartments are connected. No need to get out of the RV during stops. Living area accessible even while moving.
  • It can be used as local transportation.
  • Can be used as a second family car when not traveling.
  • Requires no special storage when not in use. Fits in standard driveway and lower models may fit in the garage.
  • Can reach less accessible camping sites that are too tight for large RV'
  • Much better fuel mileage than a Class A or Class C Motorhome.
  • Can be used to tow a boat or a small travel trailer (for the kids).
  • Engine can be serviced by your local mechanic (don't need a special lift or giant garage to get an oil change).


  • It is small, if you suffer from claustrophobia, this is not the RV for you.
  • Because it is lower than a Class A Motorhome, your view of the roadway and scenery may not be as good.
  • Limited in additional equipment you can add 
  • Very limited storage space.

  • Goal #5. I have also been looking at different options to serve, while we are on the road. As we all are called to be missionaries, whether that is in a different country, in our own hometown, or on the road.
    RVer Service and Missions Organizations:

    So, there you have it!! Check back often to see our updates, how God is working in and through this dream/calling we have, and how our goals are being accomplished! 

    See you "on the road"!!

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    1. Sounds awesome Anne. If it's God's will it will all work out. I like your planning. You can't plan and research too much. I would love to do this. I love traveling. But my husband would never do it. He's a homebody. We travel in bite size bits. I'm good with it.

      1. Hi, Debbie! We actually won't live full-time on the road, YET. We plan on starting out just travelling for about 6-7 months and come back home for the summer. We want to start out with the option to have a home base and see how that goes, before committing to selling our house. In reality, we both really love our little lake cottage and like the idea of coming back to it when the weather in our area is nice. Maybe your hubby would be willing to start out with going on the road a few weekend out of the year. You could stay somewhere within a day's drive and still enjoy some beautiful sights. I know we wouldn't have thought of doing this even 10 years ago...too many responsibilities holding us down. Timing is so important!


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