Sunday, October 5, 2014

Memories of My Dad and Outpatient Surgery

I can hardly believe it, but it will soon be 10 years since I lost my dad! He passed away, following surgery for his diabetes and Alzheimers disease on October 8, 2004. He was a faithful husband and father.
My parents, as newlyweds
A family portrait

My dad was the best father I could have ever had! We were a lot alike and enjoyed similar hobbies and interests. 
 Me and my dad loved to play tennis.
 My dad and I loved sailing

Family was truly important to him.
My dad and niece, who both shared a birthday on the same day.

As I think about all of the blessings in my life, there were many things about him that I am so glad I got to learn from him. Those things are what I miss the most!

Some things I loved about my dad:
  1. His quiet spirit
  2. His love for sailing his catamaran on the lake.
  3. His interest in computer programs and gaming.
  4. His love of staying active...especially playing tennis with me.
  5. His ability to tinker around the garage and do little projects.
  6. That he was such a peacemaker...wanting everyone to get along.
  7. His love of Sunday football games.
  8. That he would always root for the underdog team.
  9. That he took a great interest in our genealogy and made a family tree for us! (French/Canadian heritage)
  10. He loved to watch old movies on T.V.
  11. He was a great businessman, and ran his own furniture store for many years!
  12. He was a faithful and devoted husband.
  13. He was a loving, caring father.
  14. His interest in photography (when we were young, he had his own darkroom to develop his film)

Even though I would love to have had more time with my dad, I know He is enjoying eternity with his Heavenly Father and I will see him again one day!
Miss you dad!!!

Along with sharing what I'm grateful for, I also wanted to ask for your prayers. I am having outpatient surgery (female related) on Tuesday, Oct. 7. It is a pretty routine surgery, but I often don't respond well, when coming out of anesthesia. Pray all goes well and recovery is quick for me.  I will post my status, once I am able to get back onto my computer.
Have a blessed week!


  1. Ann, what a lovely tribute to your wonderful father. I just lost my dad in January, and it's hard, isn't it? He also had battled diabetes for years, and had slid into dementia the last few years. It was very hard to see both his strong body (6' 3" and 200 pounds) and his very intelligent mind slip away. I miss him very much, but I celebrate the fact that he is now free from those earthly burdens, and is resting in the presence of the Lord.

    Our dads shared a lot of things - my dad loved sailing, tinkering in the garage on woodworking projects, he loved football, and he also ran his own business for many years. And yes, he was a strong family man, too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing him again, and yours, too - maybe our dads are visiting right now!!


    (I have added your surgery to my prayer list. All will be well, Ann.)

    1. Yes, Sharon, our dads sound very similar...even down to the close relationships we had with them.I love the though that they may be fellow-shipping toghether even now. Thank you for your prayers. I had my surgery and all went very well!!

  2. Just read your page about your Word for 2014. I also have a word, JOY, and this is the link to my post about it:

    Little did I know that just over two weeks into the new year, God would take my father. It's been interesting to see how JOY is being worked into my heart through some of the least joyful experiences of my life. I've posted (wrestled) with the whole thing several times. But, God knows what He is doing, and I am learning.

    1. God has a unique way of testing our commitment to what we choose to work on everytime! I find it a challenge myself to be fervent, in the midst of some struggles in relationships with other family members.It is definitely a learning process!

  3. The only thing I ever think of re: my Dad and Mom and many family/friends is: When I get to heaven we'll be in the same place, doing work for our Lord, and worshiping together. Since my parents didn't come to the Lord when they weren't "young" but truly were old enough... Dad came to the Lord when he was 59 after a very sinful life and died 5 years later [1984] of cancer; Mom came to the Lord officially when she was 80 after 60 years of alcoholism, and she died at 90-1/2, 3-1/2 years ago.. and for them to be friends and servers now, is something I rejoice over nearly every day. You're rejoicing over your Dad was a treat to see. Thank you so much!!! Made me smile.

    1. Wow! I can't imagine the hardships of not growing up in a Christian home and the complete joy of having your parents get saved before leaving this earth!! I agree, that one day we will be re-united with our saved family members and loved ones.I look forward to that, as well!

  4. We were just talking about the power of a good dad at our small group the other night. Such a legacy an attentive dad leaves. So blessed you are to have him be the reflection you see in our Father up above.

    1. I agree! The love and kindness my dad showed me had an enormous influence on how I raised my son! I do feel so blessed!

  5. I love the memories and sweet pictures! Missing a parent is so hard, but I think having those memories help me with my Mom.


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