Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Lord Is Near

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Are you broken hearted? Has your heart been torn apart by the events in your life?  Has your heart been broken by the people you love?  Does your mind feel the pain so much that you have trouble thinking of anything else? Do you feel crushed inside under the weight of your troubles?

Every once in awhile I find myself in this state. My heart is crushed by everything that's happening around me, especially when it involves the people I love the most. That has been the case for me just recently. I love my son!! But seeing him usually has been a bitter-sweet pill. Our times together can either be awesome and enjoyable or they can be excruciatingly stressful.(It usually is a little bit of both.)

Prayer can be difficult and tiring when we are going through these trials. When the grace of God is delayed, and all experience of it so far withdrawn, as that our spirits begin to fail, it is a very severe trial.

Sometimes we think that if we just try hard enough or pray hard enough things will change. Yet sometimes it's not about God giving us what we want (though I do know how frustrating that can seem at the time).

God knows just how I feel and what I'm going through. He feels my pain, He knows my sorrow, and He wants me to cry out to Him for help. The One True God will save everyone who has been crushed by life. He will rescue, defend and deliver us from all of our troubles if we cry out to Him, and trust and accept His will for our life.

Even in the darkest of moments, God gives us a bit of comfort and light. Even when we cannot seem to see the purpose in, or reasons behind, the obstacles, we can turn to God and ask Him the questions. Yet, it is up to us to allow God into our lives so that He can open our eyes to all the other possibilities.

If your very heart, mind and soul, the center of your being is crushed and hurt, then the Lord, the One who has always existed, is near you right now.  

Always remember, the Lord Who knows all about you is very close to you when you are bursting or broken in pieces.

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