Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year of Blessings

Hours away from another year and all I can think of writing about is all the blessings the Lord has provided in the past year. 
(I'm a little frustrated, though. I wrote half of this post, lost it, and had to start from scratch again. So, I'm cutting the length of it back quite a bit, as I've spent a lot of time on it already.)

Since I havn't added to my gratitude list in quite awhile, I decided to write some things over the last couple of weeks that I'm grateful for, as well as some favorite pictures and what I'm thankful for in 2013. 

1,561 - Being with family for Christmas.
1,562 - Bingo game gift exchange...a family tradition.
1,563 -  Bringing in another year with my hubby.
1,564 -  Being able to enjoy everything that goes with living on the lake.
1,565 -  The last of the Coots on the lake, right before it froze completely over.
 1,566 - Watching the lake start to freeze, as leaves blow over the top of the ice.
 1,567 - A bird nest in the neighbor's tree...a lingering sign of life before winter officially hit.

1,568 - All the beautiful scenery I've enjoyed on the lake. 

 1,569 - Animal life on the lake, so versitile!
 1,570 - Having great times with family and friends on the lake.
 1,571Seeing my best friend!
 1,572 - Becoming a "great aunt"(She's 8 months old already!)
 1,573 - Tyler moved out of the house and 4 hours away to go to college.  
1,574 - Being able to visit Tyler 3 times.  

1,575 - Lots of great memories with my two dogs, Jet and Sophie. 
 (Unfortunately, she passed away on December 6th)

1,576 - My son coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas!    

1,577 - Got a new puppy on December 30th...a new family member for a new year ahead!

1,578 -the Lord, leading me in my current job and into the new year with a new position.


  1. Great pictures...great memories...wonderful blessings! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you this year! Happy New Year, Ann!

    Love, Joan

    1. Thanks, Joan! So am I!! Even with all the miles between us, I feel like I have gained a wonderful friend and sister in Christ! May you have a blessed New Year, as well!

  2. Hi Ann - The same thing happened to me. This last year was very tough, but also very blessed and all I wanted to do was list my blessings, which I did privately. I pray the year ahead is filled with lots of good memories and great blessings. God bless, Tracy

    1. Thanks, Tracy! God is SO good and walks with us through it all! May 2014 be full and blessed for you, too!

  3. Family, best friends, our pets (some losses too) and all the blessings God has supplied, we give thanks and believe for a new year to be blessed and to bless others. Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for hosting you link-up, Hazel. Have a wonderful New Year!!

  4. Enjoyed your blessings. Love your bird pics! May God give you another year just as blessed.

    1. Thanks, Sylvia. I love the birds on our lake, too. So many live here and bless us with their presence!

  5. Beautiful pictures Ann...good to see happy family picture even though like all of us there can be such hurt behind the smiles. God is good all the time and you captured that with your words and photos. Happy New Year.

    1. Hi, Betty. Yes, we try to make to best of all that we have and what comes into our lives,,,,life is still hard, but with God on our side, we have hope, joy, and peace beyond all understanding, Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a blessed New Year, as well!!

  6. thanks for linking to Sunday Stillness,


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