Monday, February 11, 2013

Haircut, Stitches, Chicken Enchiladas, and Moving Out

Well, last week was an interesting one, to say the least!
I'm still trying to get full use of my knee, after having arthroscopic surgery over 3 weeks ago. I'm now going to physical therapy 3 times a week.  
Oh, joy!!!

My 20 year-old son has also decided that he wants to go to college. He had taken a few years off to work and enjoy playing locally with his band. He would like to go to Indiana University, but their music program has a waiting list. We discussed options and it looks like he wants to get his basic courses started, apply for the program next year, and hope he gets in. The thing is, our baby chick wants to fly the coop! So he is in the process of job and apartment hunting down near the college (4 hours away). It's going to be a big change for all of us, but I think a good one. He also decided it was time to get a more mature look by getting his LONG hair cut short.  He came home on Tuesday and I didn't recognize him. But, he looks great!!! 

Then, there was Friday's mishap. He currently works in a factory, where he does a lot of loading and unloading heavy materials. Sometimes, there are sharp objects he deals with. Well, one of them got him good in the palm of his hand and he ended up having 7 stitches. (Not good for someone who wants to be a musician). That was when I decided to encourage him to find a different job as soon as possible.  Looks like he may be getting a new job and moving out very soon!

My hubby and I were home alone this past weekend, something we are going to have to get used to. (Not that that will be a bad thing.) I decided that, since I will be working on Valentines Day and we had the weekend to ourselves, we should celebrate ♥-day a little early. Twice a year, I try to make my hubby's favorite special meal, Chicken Enchiladas. This delectable Mexican dish is packed-full of calories and cholesterol, so I only make it for  ♥-day and his birthday.  I also made his favorite cake, Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. Needless to say, we got enough calories, sugar, and fat for the whole week! On Sunday morning, my hubs let me sleep in, made me breakfast, and did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Gotta love that man!!!

Do you have any traditions or special plans for Valentines Day? I've been shocked, when my hubby comes home from work and tells me some guys at his job don't do anything for/with their wives on this day. I think that would be so hurtful for most any woman. We all want to be treated special on this day.(Or close to the day)
 Hopefully your special Valentine will make an effort to celebrate with you.  

Continuing to add to my list of  'gifts', as I continue in the Joy Dare. 

1,222 - A new haircut! (I will share a photo in a future post)
1,223 - Goodwill shopping; finding some awesome deals!(Check a few of them HERE.)
1,224 - Lunch with an old friend
1,225 - Specially trained therapists who help me get back the full use of my knee.
1,226 - A sign of life on our lake...Coots stopping in our yard to eat some grass and socialize.

1,227 - God's protection over my son, that his accident didn't injure him worse or take his life!
1,228 - A special "pre-Valentines Day" weekend with my hubby.
1,229 - Chicken Enchiladas to die for!!!(They probably will shorten our life span. Check out all that cheese!!!)

1,230 -  Yummy red velvet cake.
 I love those conversation hearts!!
1,231 -  Watching a great romantic, historical fiction mini-series with the hubs! (World Without End) Awesome movie, if you like historical fiction!! Maybe a little graphic for some people, but very realistic for the time period.


  1. It's nice to hear you still celebrate your love. I asked my friends their plans for V-day and they didn't have any nor did they plan to do anything special for their husbands. I'm lucky to have a husband who gives me lots of affection and surprises me with flowers every now and then. Stopped by from Gratituesday.

    1. Hi, Cheri! Thanks for stopping by. I am so grateful, also, for a husband who remembers to do special things. Life would be very dull without those little surprises/displays of affection that came so easily when a couple is dating. I am saddened that some men feel like once they get married, they don't need to do those kinds of things anymore.

  2. they! thanks so much for coming by my blog Christines Cozy Corner and leaving your comment! I so love to hear from people about what they are learning and have read there. I'm still new to the blog world, so feedback is always appreciated!

    Love your blog too! It looks like you have a wonderful ministry here <3 bless you!

    1. Welcome to the world of blogging! It's a great place to meet new friends in Christ! I enjoyed reading your blog posts, too! I'm sure I'll be stopping over there often!

  3. Sounds like our sons are kind of in the same place. Mine graduated with his AA degree at 18, then also took a few years off traveling, doing missions etc. He is now looking for an apartment as he gets ready to return to college. Will be keeping your mama heart in my thoughts & prayers as our sons transition both to adulthood.

    1. Hi, Jen! Lots of transitioning happening in both our lives! Thanks for your prayers and I will keep you and your family in mine, as well!

  4. I love when couples get some unexpected time alone together. IT's good for the marriage. :) My Beloved and I don't celebrate Valentines. WE choose rather, to celebrate a day that means something to just us. The anniversary of our 1st date. That's just how we choose to do it. :)
    God Bless you as your knee heals, hope you get full use again soon.
    Thanks for Linking up with Marriage Moment @ Great Peace Academy

    1. As long as you take the time to celebrate your love for each other in a special way, I don't think it has to be right on Valentines Day. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, and for hosting your link-up.

  5. My husband made me breakfast twice this last week. It's amazing how the little things matter. Thanks for the post!

    1. Wow, two breakfasts! They definitely do add a little spice, Helene! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Ann, the happens of the average week can be trying. So good to see you viewing all these things through the light of the Lord. God bless


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