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26 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

26 years ago, on January 31st, 1987 at 6:00 p.m., I married the man of my dreams! The events of that day are still pretty clear to my heart and in my memory for many reasons. 

First, the setbacks. Yes, just about every wedding day has them and ours was no exception. He was an extremely nervous groom. In the stress of remembering what to bring to the church, he forgot my wedding band and there wasn't time to go back to his house, 40 minutes away, and get it before the ceremony. So we ended up borrowing his friends' wife's ring until after the ceremony. I wasn't a happy camper. On top of that, his brother, who was a groomsman did not show up for the wedding, and could not be reached anywhere. Thank goodness, a friend of Ken's who was at the wedding was the same size and fit into the tux and was able to stand up in place of his brother. Thank goodness, both of the issues we were able to resolve without a lot of hoop-la and chaos.

There were also some amazing moments that were totally unforgettable. Like when the minister was saying a blessing and the caged doves up on stage began to coo ominously, yet beautifully. The fact that I actually played handbells at my own wedding, without royally messing up, still amazes me. The moment Ken and I shoved cake into each others faces (we weren't too mean) that made everyone laugh. The fact that we almost bought our first dog (a big slobber-y Great Dane) on our honeymoon. Whew! Glad we didn't do that! 

To complete my post today, I decided to hop on over to the "Why I Love My Husband" Link-up at the Happy Wives Club. For every year that I have been married to my wonderful man, I am writing down a reason I love him so much! Enjoy!

Why I Love My Husband

26 reasons I love my husband:
  1. He is a faithful husband and father.
  2. He is a Christ-follower and does his best to live a godly life.
  3. He puts his wife and family first.
  4. He is a hard worker and provides for the family.
  5. He tries hard to be romantic and sometimes he actually surprises me.
  6. He is such an optimist.(Always looks at the positive side of things)
  7. He took me to South Carolina to renew our wedding vows.
  8. He took time off work, cooked, and cleaned while I recovered from surgery, without being asked.
  9. He is an amazing fisherman.
  10. He genuinely gets excited for me when "I" catch a big fish.
  11. He doesn't complain when I get behind on the house work.
  12. He isn't annoyed by my obsession with picture-taking, especially of us together.                                                                                          Renewing our wedding vows; Folly Beach, South Carolina,
    December 24th, 2012.  (Our son officiated.)
  13. He doesn't care that I've gained weight over the years.
  14. He still thinks I'm attractive and is always calling me "beautiful" and his "lovely", and at the appropriate time, says that I'm "sexy".
  15. He's understanding when I get emotional, which is alot of the time!
  16. He's a great kisser.(Among other things!)
  17. He rarely gets angry.
  18. He's very forgiving.
  19. He often will go with me places, even places that are just for me - ie. the mall, craft store, clothing store, etc.
  20. He does some of the shopping to save money at our local discount grocery (Aldi's).
  21. He notices when I get a new outfit and will compliment how nice I look in it, never asking how much it cost me.
  22. He gives great back rubs!
  23. He has an awesome laugh!
  24. He asks for and respects my opinion/discusses with me all important decisions in the household.
  25. He's good at inventing, creating, and building things that would be costly to buy or that would help improve our lives.
  26. He thinks I'm a great mom and wife and tells me so.
Morris Island lighthouse in the background.
Throwing flowers into the ocean...
  My prince charming, sweeping me off my feet.
 A very romantic day!
Getting silly!

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  1. Happy 26th anniversary!! What a beautiful couple you are. Thanks, Ann, for linking up. Let's do it again next Thursday :).

    1. Thanks, Fawn! I plan on seeing ya then!! :)

  2. Aww, so sweet! Congrats on 26 years! That's a long time! It's great to see couples still in love after so long! (And I had a wedding ring adventure at my wedding too--but my story is that my aunt, my matron of honor, lost my husband's wedding ring before the ceremony and finally found it on the floor of the bathroom!)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! God has been so good to us! Blessings to you! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Happy anniversary. Your photos and this post are testament to the love you share. Wishing you continued happiness. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. the new giveaway started Friday :-)

  4. Hi, Great post. I found you through the give a way.Now following you.Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance.
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  5. Thanks for sharing your link on my blog post about our 26th anniversary. What a sweet husband you have! God has blessed us indeed
    Marty@Marty's Musings


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