Monday, May 14, 2012

God's Timing and Sense of Humor

Mother Teresa said to her students, 'If you want to make God laugh, tell Him of your plans.'

God's timing is perfect. My timing is always off...or at least a good part of the time, it is. I suppose having a lack of patience is the reason. I work hard at trying to be patient. I've even tried to interpret things from what I truly thought was God's approval, thinking that I knew his timing as much as He did.

Wow! Was I ever off! In the past 2 years, we have had our house on the market, on and off, for 9 months and have had it pending a sale for the past 10 months.  We had looked at several houses to buy and felt drawn to make offers on 3 different houses, before finally finding the house of our dreams. Many times I've had my doubts that we would even move and honestly, until all the papers are signed, I still wonder if it's going to happen. 

About a month ago, though, I sure was feeling confident about things. Maybe I just wanted it so bad that I thought God was speaking to me about the timing of the sale and moving.  I did something that was totally out of character for me (even my hubby was surprised by my words). I told him that God had shown me, through some things that were written by a friend and events around us, that our house would sell by April 26. I was very specific about that date. I waited with excitement for April 26 to come around, only to find that nothing had happened. I was so disappointed(and a little confused), but tried to act unconcerned about it. Was I reacting to a selfish desire? Maybe. But I thought I had spoken to God and listened intently for His answer. Obviously, I was wrong about that one. 

The past few weeks have been beautiful out and I literally love to be out gardening this time of year. Usually I have most of my vegetable garden planted by the first or second week of May. I was really struggling with what to do, since we could be moving, I didn't think I should plant vegetables. But last week, my hubby talked me into planting anyway. I jokingly said, "You just wait. I'll plant the vegetables and the realtor will call and say our house is sold." We couldn't believe it, when it actually happened. We planted all our vegetables and the very next day our realtor called.(Two weeks after I was so sure we would sell.) Doesn't God have a great sense of humor? I'm not sure if He is teaching me to not be so confident in my own thinking, but to just trust Him, or what. His timing definitely is not my timing, but I know it's perfect, so I'll still trust in it. We still have a few fences to get over before everything is official. I never thought waiting and trusting would be so intensive. Wherever He leads us and when He decides for His will to happen in ours lives we will continue to wait and learn to trust Him alone!

Sharing the many blessings God has bestowed upon me! Continuing in the Joy Dare.

 3 gifts about your home (Kind of interesting subject, since I can't officially say where my home will be in a few month from now).  
689. Electricity
690. Running water
691. Many windows – bright and cheery       

3 gifts found in a closet
692. Memories – old photos, son’s school papers,family heirlooms.
693. Many shoes
694. Warm clothes

3 gifts found in the dark
695. Peace and quiet
696. Time to say a prayer
697. Sleep

A gift inside, outside, upside down
698. Inside - God working inside me, to lead me to patiently trust His plan.
699. Outside - All the fresh blooming flowers in my garden.

700. Upside down - My days lately seem to be turned upside down. God is faithful and in control, though!

3 gifts about your parents
701. Both of them being Christians
702. Both honest people
703. Committed to helping others

3 gifts held in hand today 
704. A book I’m reading – “The Vow” (I wanna see the movie, now!)
705. My pruners – pruning back my roses.

706. My fishing pole – went fishing again. Another good day!
3 gifts in your mother
707. Her amazing cooking
708. Her joyful heart
709. Her love for God
A gift picked up, put away, put back
710. Picked up - A good friend, followed by a day spent shopping and lunch for her birthday.

711. Put away - Freshly folded, clean clothes.
712. Put back - My questions about God's timing and instead putting my trust in Him alone.
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  1. Thanks, Denise! Blessings to you, friend, for stopping by!

  2. Great post...and just what I needed to hear! After just writing a post about a "stress-free move", things have shall I say it? Tense! The timing of signing the paperwork has come right down to the wire. The movers are going to be here on Friday, but we don't have the keys to the new place! Talk about needing to rely on God and fully trust Him! My husband joked with me this morning telling me never to write a post like that again! lol But, I am trusting God and I know He'll see us through this time! I'm sure He's thinking I need to learn more patience and to trust Him in HIS timing not my own. Thanks for this post, Ann! It was a great encouragement this morning! I'm praying for your move and that things come together His timing! =) Blessings, Joan

    1. Oh, Joan, I hear ya all the way!! It's so surreal that we are kind of on the same path in life right now!! I really do wonder if at times God is looking down and saying, "You think you got it all under control, huh? Let's just see what happens if I put a little kink in the process." Thank you for your prayers, as I will also be praying God's blessings and strength for you at this time.


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