Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome to My Little Town

Indiana weather, like the weather throughout much of the United States, has been very unpredictable this spring. In the past few weeks, we have fluctuated from 85 degrees, back down to 45 degrees. The warm days forced many of our trees to flower and flowers bloom.

 I wanted to share photos I took around my hometown. I live in a small, but growing town, where "downtown" is a mere 5 blocks long and wide. We have some things we are known for, but not by most people. So take a little stroll with me through my little town.
Rows of Flowering Pear trees in full bloom line the sidewalks!
Flowering Redbud in front of a historical building. (Old Jail Museum)
Daffodils in bloom on a street corner.
Our county courthouse...built in 1884.
In one of the downtown alleys are several paintings. This one is of John Dillinger,who in the 1930s robbed the police station in Warsaw, Indiana, stealing guns and bulletproof vests.
The alley where there are a number of wall paintings.
 Greeks Pizza makes the best hand-tossed pizza in town!
After a couple slices of Greeks, we can walk just a few stores down to Kelaney's Ice Cream Shop!!
"Courthouse Coffee" {The store with the balcony} offers lots of flavored coffees and smoothies, as well as soup, sandwiches, and pastries. . I often go and use their free wifi and sip on my favorite Vanilla Chai. It is a favorite meeting place for people of all ages. Facebook Link

These are just a few things that make this a fun place to walk around. 
Hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of my little town.

I continue to share my blessings through the Joy Dare!
 3 gifts redeemed 
572. My coupons, as I shop for groceries at my favorite grocery store.
573. An adorable line of gift and personal items introduced from DaySpring(Called "Redeemed").
574. Ephesians 1:7-8 "We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb."

 3 gifts entwined
575. The crown of thorns that sat on Christs head...reminding me of His suffering, yet He truly is the King of kings!
576. A grapevine growing in my back yard...knowing it will soon produce grapes.
577. Hearts entwined (defined For one person to twine together with or to twine around  another person....a symbol of eternal love between man and woman.) This kind of love is a true gift from God!

3 gifts of His promises
1.     578. In Him, we are a new creation!!
579. If we acknowledge Him, He will make our paths straight. (Proverbs 3:6)
580. "God is patiently transfiguring all the notes of my life into the song of His Son.  I can say it certain now: All is grace."   Ann Voskamp

 3 gifts uncovered
581. Garden pond, uncovered from it's winter plastic.
582. Pot of fresh vegetables, on the stove.
583. My dogs, sleeping down by my feet, under my bed covers.

A gift heard, a gift held, a gift hoped for
584. Heard - Favorite Easter songs
585. Held -my husband's hand
586. Hoped for -  Finding the right house for our family to live in.

 3 Gifts Round
587. An Easter Cupcake
588. My favorite music cd's
589. My 25th anniversary ring

 3 Gifts White
590. Easter lilies
591. An undecorated Easter egg


  1. I love all the flowers. I live in Southern California and we are an oasis in the desert. We don't get all the color and change of seasons. Love the old town atmosphere as well.
    thank you for linking up at On Your Heart Tuesday

    1. Hi, Shanda! So glad you stopped by. It is beautiful in the springtime here, but I bet you have some interesting desert plants in southern California!(I love cactus flowers!)

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it, Denise. I think just about every town has its own unique personality!

  3. What a gorgeous post! Those photos are just beautiful. My daughter is student teaching at the high school in Warsaw this semester...glad it wasn't in the 1930s!! ;-D

    Found you through Sharing His Beauty link-up. So glad I did!

    1. Oh, Kate, I'm glad you found me, too! I have read posts from your blog in the past, but knowing you have a connection (because of your daughter) here in my hometown makes it more special! (Bummer, my son just graduated from the high school last year!) I am definitely following your blog now!

  4. Here from Ann's....
    Loved the pictures....I would love to have sit on the balcony of that coffee shop and rest for awhile.
    Bless you for sharing your little world with the rest of us along with your grace gifts....what a blessing to us.

  5. Thanks for taking us on the walk through your town! All the pictures are great...the flowers blooming are beautiful, and the "old town" pictures are wonderful! I love streets and alleys like that! Thanks for sharing!


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