Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Cup of Friendship

I was shopping the other day at our local Dollar Tree Store and purchased several small gift books that were all related to tea and tea things.

I decided to post about each book seperately. Today's post, I am sharing a book called,
"A Cup of Friendship"

Here is the description of the book that's on the back cover.
"A celebration of friendship and the art of taking tea, this collection is filled with party-planning ideas, classic quotes, and brewing tips, along with heartwarming stories, sumptuous recipes, and flexible menus that come together and make the perfect cup of friendship."
Here are some of my favorites in the book, along with some pictures I had on Pinterest:

"If I could invite just one special guest, to join me for some afternoon tea, 
I’d pick someone who knows all my faults and, even still, loves me."
                                                                                             Source: flickr.com via Ann on Pinterest

"A friend is the sugar bowl in the tea party of life:
Sweet and satisfying to the soul."


"Come and share a pot of tea.
There's just enough for you and me.
And if, by chance we drink it up,
we'll make ourselves another cup!"
                                                                                        Source: royalgardenhotelblog.com via Ann on Pinterest

I cannot sit and chat with you the way I'd like to do 
so brew yourself a cup of tea, 
I'll think of you - you think of me"

 "Friendship multiplies the good of life
and divides the evil."
(Baltasar Gracian)

Tea for Two
Serving tea for two can be a convenient and intimate approach to entertaining. Keep these items within reach and you will always be prepared.
One small tablecloth(52x52 inches): choose cotton, linen, or lace.

Two cloth napkins: paper napkins are serviceable, but antique handkerchiefs or linen add charm.

China cups and saucers: grandmas hand-me-downs or search local flea markets for bargains. The older, the better.

Tea plates: small, mismatched plates are available at antique stores or garage sales.

Loose tea and tea bags: whichever you prefer, tea has a long shelf life. Keep an assortment on hand: black teas, green teas, fruit teas, and tisanes, Don't forget decaf!

Desserts and cookies: the freezer is the perfect place to store homemade cookies, breads, cakes, and other desserts suitable for teas. A great way to impress!

Gifts: Always be on the lookout for inexpensive gifts. Wrap small soaps, notepads, lotions, etc. to present to your guest at the table.

                                                                                         Source: theculinarylife.com via Ann on Pinterest

Mock Devonshire Cream
1 cup sour cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2-3 heaping tablespoons sifted powdered sugar, optional.

Gently whisk sour cream and whipped cream together in a small bowl. When thoroughly blended, pour into a glass jar and seal. Leave mixture on counter-top overnight. The following morning, put jar in refrigerator. If you prefer a sweet cream, add 2-3 heaped tablespoons of sifted powdered sugar to the  mixture before pouring into glass jar. Serve on cobblers and other fruit desserts.

Source: google.com via Ann on Pinterest

"The table is spread
The oven is hot.
Tea leaves are resting
inside the pot
Two teacups are waiting
the kettle sings,
and just on time,
the doorbell rings."
Source: angelpig.net via Ann on Pinterest

Source: orkugifs.com via Ann on Pinterest

 This book would be a wonderful gift for a friend,
if I could only part with it!

Now, enjoy a cup or two or three
of your favorite flavor and style of tea!!

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  1. Almost every evening while we watch TV my husband and I enjoy a cup of tea. I like Good Earths spice, but to please us both, we brew one tea bag of each Liptons black and a green decafe in a pot until they are just right. I enjoyed your beautiful photos very much. Thank you for your sweet comments on my post.

    By the way, I recently learned how to remove the captchas like you require because they are so difficult to read. Here is how:

    1. Your blog is automatically doing capcha because you are probably on the new "Blogger Interface." Log on to your Blogger dashboard and hit the gear button, then go down and choose "Old Blogger Interface". This may fix the problem. If not try fix #2.

    2. Click on settings then on comments. Under comments moderation – check the box “always” and it will cancel your captcha.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Happy Tea Day! Your books are simply charming with wonderful photos, sentiments, and recipes. I love books like these!
    Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


    1. Thanks, Sandi,for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I love books like these, too. I was so excited to find them, and they were only one dollar each!!

  3. Hello Ann,
    You have such a delightful post here! The images are lovely as well as the prose.
    I think it may be hard to part with that book : )

    1. I agree, Terri! Maybe after a while I'll decide to share it with a good friend. but till then, I'm really enjoying looking through it. Have a fabulous day!

  4. Hi Ann,
    What a lovely post and your books are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by Magnolia Cottage. I'm your newest follower. I look forward to visiting often.


    1. Oh, I'm so glad you came by! I hope you enjoy my future posts. Have a great week with your cutie Chihuahuas!

  5. Hi Ann,

    I just loved your tea post and those adorable tea books you picked up at the Dollar Tree. What a wonderful find!

    1. I love finding bargains that make me smile! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment, Donna! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Ann~ What sweet little 'happies' you found...can you imagine them being tucked into a basket with scones, tea and sugar? Especially for someone under the weather? Cute post. Come have a cup of persian tea with me.

    1. Thanks for the invite! I stopped over at your blog and was fascinated when I learned how Persian tea is made! I don't think we have ANY tea/coffee shops even close to me who do that. What fun, to make a little visit, just to try out their tea!

  7. ta runs through my veins ( I'm British, giggle) lovely post. Thank you for linking up to the Thursday hop. Sorry I’m behind in saying thank you. My Monday post will explain my delay.Hope to see you again this Thursday. xo

  8. oops sorry type'o-ed the word tea, giggle


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