Monday, March 19, 2012

The Bone Deep, Transforming Word of God

I've been taking part in a women's Bible study at my church on the book of James....a Beth Moore study, too boot!! Some of her writing in our study book just touches my a similar way to how Ann Voskcamp's writing does. I would just like to share some of what she wrote for this week's assigned reading....on the power of the written Word of God.
                                                                             Source: via Ann on Pinterest

"Squeeze in the palm of your hand the verses we're studying today, Sister, because they are the keys to flourishing, bone-deep transformation, and divine blessing. What James will teach us is the difference between talking about living in victory over things, like self-centeredness, addiction, seduction, and temptation and actually doing it."

"The Word of God is meant to do more than penetrate. It's meant to activate. It can bore holes through obstacles. It can tumble defenses. It can plant wondering feet of clay in places of divine purpose. It can sanctify the sin sick and steady the aimless and confused. It can light a blazing torch in a black hole. Simply put, the Word was meant to work. And through it, we were meant to bear fruit. Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes by hearing, but James will teach us that faith with no fruit is dead on the vine."

Wow! How convicting and truth-laden are Beth's words!! I am so thankful for God's Holy Word - the Bible !!!

I continue to share my blessings through the Joy Dare!

3 Gifts Round
536.Our amazing earth, of which God made "in the beginning."
537. A yellow delicious apple
538. A glowing full moon

3 Gifts found in silence
539. Reading God's Holy Word, letting what He puts on my heart to go "bone deep" within.
540. The words that come to me, that God allows me to put down on paper, on my computer, and soak through my heart and mind.
541. A peace that passes understanding! His song of joy becomes my song!

3 Gifts given away
542. A box of used clothing, donated to Goodwill.
543.Two donated boxes, full of food and other items, that will be flown over to Honduras to help the poor (through a local missions called World Compassion Network. Watch this video)
544. A hug...given to my son's girlfriend...the love of God shared with another.

3 Hard Eucharisteos
545. Patience - waiting for the ground to be ready for planting.
546. Also, waiting for everything to be completed in His time, in regards to moving into a new home.
547. Trusting - my son to make good choices...sometimes I want to follow him around to make sure, but he is a young adult, now.

A gift turned, A gift folded, A gift hung
548. Wet clothes in my dryer.
549. Clean, warm, fresh-smelling, clothes and towels.
550. The clothes, hanging in my closet
(Can you tell, I'm doing laundry today?)

3 gifts eaten
551. Peanut butter on toast!
552. Fresh fruits and vegetables
553. A bowl of microwaved kettle-corn


  1. Beth Moore is a great teacher! I've done several of her studies and am currently doing "Believing God" for the second time! Thank you for sharing her words here. She is so right...God's word is transforming! They are meant to work -- and they do!

  2. The difference between talking and doing... Wow, is right. Enjoy your women's bible study! I would love to do that but can't find one around me that fits into my schedule.

  3. ooh kettle corn ... you got me with that one.

    Thanks for splashing me with God's goodness today. I hope you don't mind if I wade around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all things good..


  4. Thanking God for his word and that it is all we need for life and godliness...

  5. WOW! I loved the title of your post...and the Beth Moore quote is truly powerful. Thanks for sharing it. I pray for both of us that this week we will experience the "bone deep transformation" power of God's Word in every aspect of our lives! Bless you and thanks for linking up to B&BB. Gail

  6. Thanks for sharing!! We are finishing up Believing God next week! Hopped from Bless a Blogger!


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