Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a Touch of Whimsy.

I love shopping at the Goodwill store! Sometimes I find the most interesting things. I recently found some items that I hope to be decorating with for Springtime around my house. Both items add a touch of "Whimsy" to my decor. I started looking around and saw that there were several other items I already had that have a touch of whimsy in them. Here are the items I got at Goodwill.
Here they are next to my Easter Egg tree....I'm still working on that.
Here are some other "whimsical"  items I had sitting around...
This is a little ceramic teacup with roses that my hubby got me a few years ago.
I'm from Canadian decent. Several years ago I visited my relatives in Canada and bought these letters that spelled "hello" in French. The suitcase and makeup table teapots were another gift from my hubby.

I would really love to find a few "whimsical" tea cups to go with my teapots!(For some reason, they are hard to find here in my little part of the world.) Here are some I found online that I really liked,

Source: amazon.com via Ann on Pinterest

....plus I found these cute whimsical things:

When I think of whimsy, I think of the story of the Mad Hatter Tea Party
 in Alice in Wonderland, don't you?

And the spinning teacup ride....

Wouldn't it be fun to have a Mad Hatter Tea Party, with all the whimsy we can conjur up? I may have to try to plan one sometime. (The idea has me jumping with excitement!! I'm just a kid at heart!)
 Here are some awesome things to start planning a mad-hatter tea party...

Cute Invitations

Adorable Decorations

Gotta have some cake with your tea!

I also love shopping at our local consignment and antique shop, called "Home Sweet Home". Today, I purchased a couple little birdies for the whimsical cage I got. I'll share them in another post.
O.k., I'm all "whimsied" out, for now. Hope your day is full of "whimsy and cheer" (Had one more whimsy left in me....hehehe.)

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  1. Losts of lovely bright and cheerful teapots and cups. I love the sheep teapot! So cute!
    Nice to meet you!

  2. Teacups come in all shapes and sizes; thanks for sharing yours and what you found.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Your teacups and teapots are all so cute! I've always loved those spinning teacups at Disney although I have yet to actually see them. I think I like the Cinderella cup with the mice in it best. Whimsy and I get along just fine. I like to inject a wee bit of it into my home to keep it from getting too serious. Thank you for sharing your whimsical post with Tea Time today and have a delightful week.


  4. Hi Ann, I love the birdhouse teapot and the cup with the ceramic roses! You have many lovely teapots!
    Blessings, Beth

  5. Love the kitty tea-pot. Deb (Ontario, Canada)

  6. This is a fun whimsy post indeed!! Thanks for linking to Tea Party Tuesday

  7. My favorite is the kittycat tea for me! The colors on all of them make us smile! Thank you for linking up to Friends Sharing Tea!


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