Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tea with my Snowmen

If you ever visited my house, you would soon discover that I’m a bit of a collector…..not the over the top kind of collector of one particular item, but more like the person who has a handful of different kinds of collections. Of course, teapots and teacups are at the top collection list. But, my preference doesn’t seem to zone in on one item alone. I can’t seem to stick to one treasure!  

If you looked around, you would notice one cabinet filled with angels (I think about 50 total). You’d also discover my array of bird and butterfly houses, situated throughout the house (inside and out). I also have been collecting quilts (new and antique) over the past 20 years or so. At Christmastime and throughout the winter months, I like to set out my Christmas village collection, as well as my snowmen (My favorite are the frosted glass snowmen that are in the photos below). 

Today I am having some tea with a natural sweet treat, yogurt-covered raisins. My hubby and I are both cutting back the sugar and sweets and trying to eat more natural, healthy snacks. I discovered a new tea, which has become a winter favorite of mine, by Stash, called Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea. (I’ll discuss this tea in a later post). Today I’m sharing photos of my little snowmen and sipping my favorite tea,  and enjoying the beautiful snow outside my window, glistening in the afternoon sun. Won’t you join me for a cup of your favorite tea, too!

Don't the yogurt raisins look just like little snowballs?

Some of my snowmen light up, like this heart snowman (but I forgot to turn it on for the picture)

My big snowman angel is a combination of my collections! (angels and snowmen)

This snow family is enjoying a little skate at my tea table.

This was my Christmas centerpiece. I like it so much that I've kept it on the table.

My new favorite winter tea....very sweet and fruity.

 Here is another snow family. I got this ornament from a friend for Christmas this year.
Perfect addition to my snowman collection!

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  1. Thank you for the tea with your snowmen! I love snow critters! Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea sounds really good. I'll have to look for it. Fun tea! Happy Tea Day and Happy New Year!

  2. Your snowman tea is really cute! Love the blinky graphics on your blog, too!

  3. Your snowman tea is so charming, Ann. I too collect several things, mainly teapots and teacups. But I do collect Snowbabies and rocking horses also. I used to collect dolls but no longer. Stash makes many lovely teas and I'm enjoying Holiday Chai these days. Thank you for sharing with us today and Happy New Year!


  4. Hi Ann,
    your snowmen collection is really cute. I love the icy look of them. Thank you for sharing your Pomgranate tea, that warms me up while I see the frozen Snowmen. And yes, the Raisins look really like little snowballs -cute!
    Have a great New Year, best greetings,

  5. @Snap-Same wishes to you! I really love these tea bloggy parties!
    @Beth-Thanks! I think I could really get carried away with all the blinkies and special effects. I have to be careful!! So much fun!
    @Sandi-Ooooh, I bet you have some adorable rocking horses. Your should post pics of them somethime!
    @Johanna-Thanks! Many blessed wishes to you, as well!

  6. Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! I am glad you joined in and shared your lovely festive tea setting. Your tea pot is perfect in any setting and your snowmen are wonderful!
    I love to collect too, and Martha (who hosts T.T. with me) is an avid and knowledgeable collector far beyond me! Collecting is fun!


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