Friday, January 27, 2012

75 Years Young

My mom turns 75 years old today! You wouldn't know it, though, by watching her get around! That doesn't mean that she hasn't had her share of physical setbacks (she's had double knee replacement surgery, shoulder surgery, a hysterectomy, has osteoarthritis, and takes medication for high cholesterol).
Mom's high school senior picture

The thing is, she doesn't let any of that stop her from having fun! She recently retired, after 45 years as a beautician, running a small beauty-shop by herself out of the back of our home.
Mom and dad their first year of marriage.
She also faithfully cared for my dad, who for several years suffered with Alzheimer's disease, before he passed away in 2004.

 Here is a picture of mom and me enjoying a hug

She remarried in 2006. She and my stepfather are "snowbirds" and go to Florida every winter to enjoy the warm weather and time with their southern friends. They also take various trips in their large camper throughout the year.
Family picture when I was about in my sophomore year in high school (1978) . I am the one next to my mom, behind my little sister.

She is also very involved in her local church, helping with vacation Bible school, fundraisers, and special programs. Every week she hosts a card-game/dinner party with sometimes up to 40 guests at her house. (She's an awesome cook and quite the hostess!). And her house is usually spotless!

My mom on Easter, 2011

Every time I talk to her, she has a full schedule and is either going somewhere or making more plans! I've always said I hope I have her energy when I'm her age. (I think it may be too late, already, though.I don't have half her energy and I'm 50)
Our family took mom out for her 75th birthday for dinner.(L-R my hubby, Ken; son's girlfriend, my son, Tyler; my nephew, my niece's husband, my niece, my brother, my sister-in-law, MOM, and step-dad)
 I'm so thankful for my mom! God truly blessed me with two very loving parents!  She's an inspiration to me to never let life get you down!! Love ya, mom!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your young Mom! And she has been blessed with two happy marriages and a loving family.

  2. Happy birthday, Mom! Keep going!

  3. happy birthday to your mom!! I love to know you have a loving relationship with her!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. I will do that! I'm always looking for new bloggy friends! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!!
      God Bless!


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