Monday, December 5, 2011

You are Now In Bedford Falls

 (our church bulletin)

I’ve always loved the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Usually sometime before Christmas every year I get my dvd out and watch it, with Kleenex in hand. This year, I didn’t even have a chance to get my dvd out. First, it was shown on TV this past Saturday, followed by a sermon series on Sunday, aptly named “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The stage in our church sanctuary was even set up to look surrealistically like we had walked onto the movie set itself. There’s even a sign that says “You Are Now In Bedford Falls”.

I wasn’t sure where our pastor was planning on taking this theme in his sermon. There are lots of good lessons to be learned in the movie, from appreciating what we have in life, to realizing how much we affect those in our lives.  It didn’t take long to put together the lesson we were to learn.  It was a difficult pill for me to swallow. (Ever feel like a sermon is given specifically for you? This was one of those.) I’m an all or nothing type of girl, so when I feel the call to do something, I usually want to dive in head first without seeking confirmation from God or others. But, God often has other plans, which can be very frustrating for this impatient woman!!! 

In the movie, George had so many dreams and plans for his life (college, travel, bachelorhood, getting rich, etc.), all of which didn’t pan out the way he had hoped. Just like many people, he became so frustrated with how his life turned out, that he was ready to end it all, just to get away from it. 
That was, until ‘ole Clarence the Angel (my favorite character in the movie) came along. Things changed drastically, when George realized one thing. What he thought were his hopes and dreams were actually false interpretations of what the world could provide for him. Ultimately, the best place for him was right at home: with his family, friends, and faithful investors in his savings and loan business. It took everyone digging down deep (in their pockets) to also confirm what he had learned, that night with Clarence.  God always confirms what He wants for our lives.
Why do I so often find myself rushing off to do something, thinking it is God’s will just because I really want to do it? That could actually get me into a lot of trouble, and a few times, it has. God has a plan for all of our lives. Some are called into the mission field. Others serve those at their work, in their home, or in their neighborhood. Wherever God leads and opens those doors, they have to be within His will, in His timing, and where He chooses. That’s why it’s so important that we have a close and personal daily relationship with God. Otherwise, we may confuse our (and the world’s) view of where we are to go and what we are to do in our lives. Our future hopes and dreams need to depend on His will alone for our lives. It really is ALL ABOUT HIM!

-Lord, give me patience and wisdom to see when and where You want me to go in my life.  Only then can I find true joy and contentment.

Counting His grace and my blessings:
326.   My family, getting to their destinations safely, after a big snowstorm.
327.    God, reminding me of all the times that He has led me in my past, even though I sometimes forget and doubt his leading, now.
328.   That my husband is so patient with me.
329.  All the amazing names given to describe God in the Bible
330. Sleigh Rides on a chilly winter night.
331. A live nativity; remembering how our Lord came into the world
332. Family pictures
333. Being goofy with my hubby and son
334. Friendly neighbors, delivering homemade cookies to everyone in the neighborhood.
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  1. I've never watched the movie, but love what you said. It is so easy to go and do something thinking it's right, when it is not God's best plan for us and we end up overwhelmed and stressed. And we will be so much happier in His will!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the thoughtful comments you have left there. Yes, I love this movie, too - and such good lessons from it. I liked what you wrote, "Our future hopes and dreams need to depend on His will alone for our lives. It really is ALL ABOUT HIM!" So true!

  3. Such a great movie and what a good word. :) God's plans are different than ours, but they are so much better! :)

    On a side note, my husband introduced me to It's a Wonderful Life. He watched it every Christmas growing up. I had never heard of it! But now it's part of our family tradition as well.

    (Visiting from {in}courage)


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