Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I Love about My Local Coffee Shop

I do have a teapot and some tea mugs to share with you today, but first I want to talk about a quaint little place I call  ‘my cozy little get-away’.

We have a few different coffee houses in my mid-sized town, but I find myself hanging out more and enjoying the atmosphere at my local independent coffee shop. We used to have a tea house, but it closed a few years back. So I’ve been limited in that choice. I really enjoy going to this specific coffee shop to have a chai or lunch with a friend, get on my laptop with free wifi, and shop around in the connected bookstore. I find myself going a little early and lingering a little longer. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is owned and run by my alma mater, Grace College. Maybe it’s the idea that there are mostly young college students that spend their time there (even though it is open to the public). Maybe it’s because it’s the only coalescing Christian bookstore and coffee shop in town. I think it’s a combination of all the above. It’s a small venue, compared to its competitors, which gives one a homier and relaxed feeling. I've even seen a teapot or tea cup available for sale in their store a few times. Of course, flavored lattes and cappuccinos are the most popular refreshments sold. But they also make my favorite vanilla chai, have an assortment of flavored bagged teas, along with a variety of smoothies, soups, and pastries/desserts. 

I really have fallen in love with the place and just felt like sharing some pictures.
 Relaxed seating area
 A busy day in “The Tree of Life” Coffee shop and café.
The connected bookstore makes buying readiing material convenient.
The store even sells an assortment of clothing items.
 A corner of the café, where photos and signs are for sale, too.
Here are some beautiful nativity displays available, too.

Laptop, chai, and a book! What a great combo!

Do you have a special place that you like to go that is your "special get-away"?

Because we don't have any local tea houses, I'm hoping to be able to visit some larger cities nearby and check out some of their tea houses sometime soon. And hopefully I 'll get the chance to give my thoughts on these, as well,  Until then, this coffee shop will do just fine!! : )

Have a great day!

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  1. Hello Ann,
    Sounds like a great place to me, The Tree of Life Cafe! I do like the name!
    Those tea things are so very cute and wonderful to have for the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing your special place and have a delightful week.

    Christmas blessings,

  2. It's so wonderful to have a special place to get away. Blessings to you! I'm thankful I found you on (in)courage today.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sandi and Shelby! I love both of your blogs!!


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