Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Mother’s Work is _______ __________!

I’ve heard the saying, “A woman’s work is never done,” many times. It’s true…I rarely get bored. But, as a mom, I am amazed at what I find myself doing…even when my “child” is legally an adult himself. Yesterday morning, I found myself doing something I usually don’t do, at least not for someone else. I was out digging him out of a snow drift. What a start to my day!!

A few evenings ago we got pelted with 8 inches of fresh white snow. It was beautiful coming down (at what the news channel said was one inch per hour). 
Our house a few nights ago.

But yesterday, trying to drive out in it was practically impossible. Snow plows were overworked and roads were totally covered. If you didn’t have 4WD, you were not going anywhere. But my son had to be to work, so he ventured out. He didn’t get too far, just a few feet from our driveway. So our morning was spent digging the snow, pouring sand under tires, pushing and spinning wheels. Finally, he got out and was on his way.

I guess I could say a mother's work is never done, too. We could probably fill in the blanks with other words, too, like
very rewarding
extremely tiring
a labor of love
worth $138,095/year - according to Reuters

What other words would you fill the blanks in with?

In His Love, 
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  1. A mother's work is the most important work in the world. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment so I could visit you.

  2. Very true, Rhondi. No job even comes close to it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. A mother's work matters!

    Sometimes we forget there's a point to all the correction, training, encouraging, disciplining, loving, forgiving, nose wiping, and hugging that we do. The tasks can overwhelm the purpose. In the end, though, what we do, why and how we do it make a huge difference. Never second-guess that what you do matters!!! TO GENERATIONS beyond you.

  4. Plus we never stop being a Mother, nor have I gotten so independent that I have no need of my own mother. Women have such a wondersous calling!

    Thanks for joining our vB ChristianWomen’s Blog Hop! I hope you join us every Wednesday for more fun and great articles!
    Becky Jane


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