Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Childhood Christmas Memories

(Some of my favorite pics from our church holiday tea)
I can think of a few of  my favorite childhood memories of Christmas. My first memory is having all the aunt, uncles, cousins, and grandparents get together for a Christmas day meal, followed  by opening of presents. Sometimes Santa would even show up at our house!(My grandfather dressed up in a Santa suit, which we all knew, but it was still pretty awesome!) Then after the present opening time, we would have white elephant bingo. My grandfather always was the number caller. To my knowledge he never played the game, himself. All the families brought small gifts wrapped up, so nobody knew what they won if they got a bingo!

I also remember as a small child hanging one of our socks on the end of our beds on Christmas Eve. We always tried to find the biggest, longest socks to hang out, so that we would hopefully get more stuff in them. On Christmas morning we would wake up and the socks were filled up with goodies. No matter how hard we tried to stay awake to see Santa fill the socks, we could never catch him in the act!

Another memory I have is that my mom was so creative at Christmas! She built a life-sized Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and a donkey(out of wood, foam, and burlap) that was displayed on our front porch every year! They actually were quite life-like in appearance. It definitely got people's attention when they drove by our house!  
Ahhhh,...such good memories!
Wishing you a blessed Christmas season, with lots of good past, present, and future memories of family, friends, and blessings from above!!

In His Love, 
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  1. Thank you, Ann. Also, wishing you a wonderful and glorious Christmas season. I love that your profile says you've been married almost 25 years and you're "Still SO in Love." Love is such a beautiful thing.

  2. Yes it is Fawn! We're not perfect, but I can truly say it has been beautiful! I really got me a good man!

  3. wow ! the tea pot looks so beautiful with holly leaves and pine cones printed on top... I love the lid especially.... !!! The nativity scene adds to the festive touch !!! Beautiful arrangements... !!

  4. Good morning Ann,
    What a cute teapot and Tea at church sounds delightful.
    You have shared some wonderful Christmas memories. The nativity your mother built is amazing! What a talented lady! Thank you so much for sharing and joining me for my Christmas Tea. Hope you're having a lovely week.

    Christmas blessings,

  5. Hi Ann. How nice to meet you and thanks for your visit. What a blessing to have a family collection of postcards. How special! I love your pinecone teapot!

  6. Ann, Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories. It truly is a special time of the year! Merry Christmas!

  7. Thanks for all your wonderful comments! It's been fun going down memory lane.


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