Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When You Get the Dreaded Phone Call

Well, here I am writing my second blog post and already, it seems that God is testing the deepest part of my faith! What a night I’ve had! Went from finishing up an evening at our church Bible study to rushing off to the hospital emergency room! It was eerily familiar to me, that dreaded phone call, a stranger’s voice on the other end of my son’s cell phone. It’s a girl on the line. He’s been hit in the head, knocked unconscious, but now he’s awake and confused. It’s a 30 minute drive to the hospital.  A train whistle jolts me from a moment of shock. Bad timing! Why now, Lord? We can’t wait for a train! We have to get there! I take a deep breath…we had just finished talking about how God initiates events in our lives…He’s in control…that we must trust Him! I pray, “Lord be with our son!”, under my breath. The drive is so LONG! I text friends to pray on the way there. Finally, we make it… is congested and confusing, people everywhere! It’s a busy night in the ER. Make it into his room, he’s confused, asking questions. We wait for the doctor to come in….finally! He orders a cat scan. Another 30 minutes, come back and wait yet another 30 minutes for the results….Looks good (thank You, Jesus!) It’s a minor concussion. Dr prescribes meds for pain and nausea, says go home and rest and that memory will return slowly in the next 2-3 days. The drive home isn’t much easier. He can’t remember and keeps asking questions from one minute to the next….my heart aches for him in his frustration to remember. He starts to panic…..I remind him to stay calm. Can we make it home before he loses it? We do, but even then he can’t relax at home…..questions and more questions (yikes! Will he be like this the next 2-3 days?) Please, Lord, bring back his memory! …..let’s please go to bed…’s 1:30 in the morning!!! There’s still tension, but he lays down his head on the pillow. He’s soon asleep. I start to feel the release of my emotions from the stressful evening and shed some tears! Oh, the things we endure as parents! We love, yet at such a cost!!! I remember that we also discussed in church how God yearns for a close relationship with each of us and pursues us relentlessly and He is heartbroken when we walk away from Him. He doesn’t want to lose even one of us and would do anything for us, even die for us!!! It’s the same with a parent’s love for a child! I could not imagine losing my son! Even the thought makes me weak!!! I pray tomorrow will be better, that God will heal him and strengthen him! And all I can do is trust in God hold him and take care of him!

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