Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Timeless Tea Traditions

 Several years ago, our family had the honor of hosting 2 different Japanese exchange students, which allowed us to receive many artifacts and learn about the culture. 

Tea ceremony is an important aspect of Japanese life.
Three fundamentals have found their way outside of the tea room and into many aspects of Japanese life. 
1.   Humility of the guests:
 In the tea ceremony, humility and respect are expected 
of the guests and the host.
The door to the sukiya, or tea house, is a low crawl space 
that requires all who enter to bow and humble themselves.
A simple flower arrangement and a scroll of artwork or poetic calligraphy are displayed, of which the guests come to show much appreciation for. 

2.  Appreciating the moment’s uniqueness in terms of time and place, season and those present:
The unique nature of each tea ceremony is something to be cherished.
The ceremony is special because although a person may take part in many ceremonies over his or her lifetime, there will never be a chance to recreate the same experience,
Every detail is to be savored, because it cannot ever be the same.
3.  The art of simplicity and balance in form, movement and objects.
Nothing in the tea room should be superfluous, loud or garish, 
in order to not distract from the moment.
Simple colors and design in clothing, art and floral arrangements is ideal.  

As we celebrate the holidays, these small tokens remind us of the import things when it comes to gatherings, parties, and hosting Christmas teas or meals. – Simple, humble, and personable…

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  1. Hello Ann,
    You are so right! We can learn much from other cultures and traditions. They are all unique and so are we. I really like the blue floral tea set. Thank you for sharing with us today and I wish you a delightful week.


  2. I learned a lot from your post. I find it very interesting to learn about other cultures. Thank you for sharing this.


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