Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Heart Will Sing.....(part 1)

Hi, everyone!  Hope you are having a bless-ed Monday morning! I am so excited that you are here!
There is so much I have to share about this year’s Ladies Holiday Tea(an annual outreach event that takes place at my home church). This year it took place on Sat., November 19th. I have decided to break up this subject into two or three posts. Needless to say, it was an amazing time. I hope you are encouraged, as I share how God has worked through this ministry to reach many women and families in our community! I have found so much to be thankful for in my life. I hope you see how faithful and good the Lord is, as you seek to experience His activity in your own life, as well!!
Laughing, singing, talking, sharing, listening, loving…..just a few words that come to mind, as I reminisce spending a few very short hours with 672 women gathered in our church sanctuary. My table was full of loved ones and my heart was overflowing!! What a blessing to see how God works, bringing women together to enjoy each other’s company, creativity, and love for God. 

I can hardly describe the anticipation for the event to begin. It started the night before…preparing my table, one of 84 that the setup crew somehow fit into the room that normally fit 60 or so tables in past years. As hostesses and "tablescapers" started showing up, the room was transformed from rows of round blank slates to works of art!  Some spent hours getting things just right. Some constructed simple, but elegant table displays. By early evening, everyone was ready for the next day to arrive. As I drove home, tired, but excited, I stopped along a country road to quickly check out God’s own artwork….a glorious purple glowing sunset over the treetops.

I took it all in, with a thankful heart, a heart that other Name....Jesus!

It was late morning, as I pulled into the church parking lot, ready for a new day!  I walked into a quiet foyer that was decorated with Christmas stars and lit trees. Soon, this area would be swarming with excited women, waiting for doors to open into a wonderland of beauty!
 After putting the finishing touches on my table, I went to gather all the tasty goodies we would be eating. Everyone was scurrying to get their food items to their tables….

Soon, the doors were opened and the crowds came…some searching for their hostesses with their assigned seats…some were being guided by volunteers to the hostesses waiting at their tables (waving signs with the number of open seats available). Some guests attend our church, some were family members, some were co-workers, and some were neighbors. Some were Christ-followers and some weren't.  As they meandered around the different tables, there was a buzz of conversation, ooohhhs, and ahhhhs. Excitement built. A piano played Christmas music in the background.
The women were asked to take their seats. After a brief intro and prayer, it’s teatime. Each table is full with chatter! Cookies and scones are passed, and tea is poured. I love this atmosphere! I think about the statement made by the leader of women’s ministries…..that this is how God made women….to talk, and listen, and share, and love! I think of Mary and Martha and how they both had gifts, given to them by God….hospitality and a willing heart to open ones heart and home to others. God is SO good!!!

For the rest of this post, I am sharing pictures of my decorated table and those who attended and graced my table with their sweet selves. The theme of my table was "You are the light of the world" from Matthew 5:14  and was a miniature Christmas Village surrounding a lighthouse.

In part 2 of "My Heart Will Sing:, I will share more pictures and write about how God has touched lives through this event. (go to My Heart Will Sing...(Part 2) )

In His Love, 


  1. Hi Ann
    Thank you for visiting my blog ~ I've been enjoying the (in)courage community there (when I get a couple of minutes to go for a peek, which isn't often).
    Your ladies day sounds & looks fantastic & you must have had a great turnout!!! What a great way to share the Lord with ladies who don't know Him!
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Thank you for checking out my blog, too, Renata! I love it when I get comments from someone! I feel like I'm making new friends in the Lord all over the world! :)


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