Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First 100 Thanks

It’s almost been one year since I first started keeping a gratitude journal…..well, I actually started out not with a journal, but with a challenge to write down 100 things that I was grateful for by Christmas. It wasn’t easy for me. I wasn’t used to thinking about the things that I was blessed with…but soon things started coming to me. Things that I enjoyed, things I loved, people in my life, experiences, etc. Once I got to 100, I knew I needed to start making an effort every day to write down more that I was thankful for. So, began my gratitude journal. Some days, it’s an effort still. Others, the list just grows like crazy. I’m so glad I’ve kept at it, though!! What a joy to not only look back at all God has blessed me with, but my attitude each day is more positive and joyful!! I am sharing my first 100 thanks, since those were really what got me started. Now, being thankful is just a part of my life….
1.             Jesus and His love – and that he died on the cross for me.

2.             Heaven – I look so forward to living there

3.             My husband

4.             My son

5.             A warm, comfortable house

6.             My faith – as fragile and imperfect as it is

7.             My family –even though we don’t see each other as often as I’d like to.

8.             My friends – new and old(but especially the rare ‘kindred spirits’ in my life)

9.             Being married – though some days I am more thankful than others : /

10.           The Bible

11.           Church

12.          Christian music

13.          God’s faithfulness – even when I let Him down all the time.

14.          God’s forgiveness – even though I don’t deserve it.

15.           Listening to my son play guitar and sing

16.           That my husband has a good job.

17.           A cozy, warm bed to sleep in

18.           Beautiful Gardens and flowers

19.           Lilies – the most perfectly beautiful flower of all time – especially oriental lilies.

20.           Fresh Vegetables from the garden

21.           The many fragrances and colors of flowers.

22.           Bike rides

23.           Vanilla Chai and Biscotti

24.           Jacuzzis

25.           Goodwill shopping

26.           Beaches in warm locations – South Carolina, Florida, etc.

27.           The sound of ocean waves washing up on a beach

28.           Finding unique, unbroken seashells

29.           Days when I really feel good physically – the older I get, the more I appreciate 

30.           Sunny days

31.           Stretch Jeans

32.           Romantic Comedies

33.           High Speed Internet (for the most part)

34.           Coffee Houses – great atmosphere

35.           Plumbing

36.           Hot showers

37.           A comfortable chair

38.           Hoodies(sweatshirts)

39.           Clothes that fit well

40.          Clothes that make me look skinny

41.           Eating at Olive Garden or Panda Express

42.           My faithful dog, Jet.

43.           Puppies-especially my puppy, Sophie

44.          Peanut butter

45.           Fishing on a warm summer day(not too hot or cold)

46.          Catching lots of fish on a fishing trip

47.          Watching my husband get excited when ANYONE catches a fish

48.          Electric fish scalers – what a godsend invention!

49.          Being able to talk with friends on Facebook

50.          Having a vehicle to get around

51.          Antique malls/flea markets

52.          Romantic weekends with my husband(rare, so I’m really thankful when they 

53.          Mall shopping with my son…yeah, we like to shop at the same stores!

54.          God’s protection-who knows where I’d be without it.

55.          Listening to my husband laugh at something funny on TV.(He has a great laugh)

56.          Boots – a must for my winter wardrobe –both fashion and winter boots

57.          Flip flops – in the summer, of course.

58.          Camping – I haven’t been in a while, but appreciate the times I did.

59.          That my son still hugs me and says he loves me…..I’m so blessed!

60.          That my husband still thinks I’m sexy….after almost 24 years of marriage.

61.          Christmas movies – my favorite being “It’s a Wonderful Life”- makes me cry every                         time.

62.          Christmas lights – love to drive by houses with big light displays.

63.          The smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven.

64.          A clear starry night sky.

65.          A healthy family

66.          Beautiful stained glass windows

67.          My laptop – goes almost anywhere with me.

68.          My cell phone – how did I ever survive without it?

69.          Being able to sit on my back deck swing and reading a good book…when weather

70.          Flowers that bloom in the spring.

71.          Short winters (when they actually occur)

72.          Winter hats, scarves, and gloves

73.          Warm fur-lined coats

74.          Cozy blankets – especially when I’m curled up on the couch.

75.          Pictures to help me remember the people and events in my life.

76.          Fireworks

77.          God’s provision for all my needs, and more.

78.          Inspirational Quotes and Bible verses.

79.          Back rubs and foot rubs

80.          Faux fur and suede (so soft!)

81.          Laughing so hard my face hurts.

82.          Hearing my favorite song on the radio.

83.          Waking up and realizing I still have a few hours left to sleep.

84.          The colorful turning of autumn leaves

85.          A great shopping/lunch girl’s day out

86.          The feel of fresh dirt in my hands in the spring

87.          The smell of fresh dirt being dug up to plant things in my garden.

88.          Butterflies

89.          Hummingbirds – so intriguing to watch

90.          Days when I feel really close to and at peace with God

91.          Really big snowflakes, lightly falling…as long as I can watch them through a 
               window in a warm building.

92.          A clean house (rare, but I am thankful for times when it occurs)

93.          When someone gives me a compliment

94.          The opportunity to show kindness or help others.

95.          Being able to be a stay at home mom and wife

96.          The innocence of a little child

97.          The opportunity to travel and learn about people and landmarks in different parts 
                of the U.S.

98.          The breath of new life that comes with the birth of a newborn baby

99.          That God hears my prayers and knows what is best in every situation I go through

100.          Lazy winter mornings…with no rushing off or feeling stressed. 

In His Love, 

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