Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do Not Delay!

 “But as for me, I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; you are my God, do not delay.” Psalm 40:17

My husband and son and I are usually on different schedules. During the week, they are up early, rushing out the door to make sure they are on time for work. I am not an early morning person by nature. It takes me a while to come to and most mornings are pretty laid back for me, unless I have an appointment. That is, all except for Sundays. That is the one day I’m up and raring to go….I REALLY hate being late for church!!! On the other hand, the hubby and bubby(my son) soak up the fact that they get to sleep in a few extra hours. They are in bed till the very last possible second, and then it seems like they are moving in third gear till we are pulling into the church parking lot.  I love listening to/singing during the worship music, which usually takes place directly at the beginning of the service. Plus, depending on which service we attend, seating can fill up and if we aren’t early, we sit in the very back. (Our sanctuary seats about 800 people per service.) So, you can imagine the frustration this often causes me. I totally understand why they would want to take it easy one day out of the week, but why does it have to be the ONE day that I look so forward to getting up on? I read the verse from Psalms 40:17 today and it made me think about something …..I am SO happy God doesn’t delay in delivering us! There have been times in my life (actually many times, as I am quite an impatient person.) when I have thought, “Okay, Lord, why aren’t You answering my prayer?” or “C’mon, let’s get this ball rolling, God!.”  I tend to forget that God’s timing is not our timing. (2 Peter 3:8-9) But, the truth is, I’ve never found Him to be unfaithful. In the end, I find there usually is a good reason He took His time to come through for me, but he always does come through!! 

Inevitably, we either are usually late or we make it to church within a few seconds of the service starting. By the time we are in the building, I’m fried and not in a “worshippy” mood. (It’s a little scary how being a little late can set my mood for the day. I really need to work on that!) How about you? Do you find yourself caught up in the troubles that may surround you? Do you feel like your foes are many or that chaos abounds in your life? Listen to this Youtube song and let God free you of any fears or burdens you have.

They say, “Patience is a virtue.” There is also a saying, “God is faithful to the end.” I’m so glad…..I know I’m not always very faithful to Him. But He ALWAYS is faithful to me!

In His Love, 

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