Monday, November 28, 2011

All Nature Breathes Life!

"The peace of nature and of the innocent creatures of God seems to be secure and deep, 
only so long as the presence of man and his restless and unquiet spirit are not there to trouble its sanctity"
Tomas De Quincey, "Preliminary Confessions" (1821- 56)

 My niece saw them first, in the thicket of trees past the yard.
“Can I go pet them?” she asked.
“No, they would run away, hon.”was the reply.
She was so hopeful. She goes outside and waits in the yard. They see her and hide deeper in the trees. She stomps, disappointed. Even though she would not harm them, they are wild, wary, and don’t realize this fact. She has a piece of bread she leaves in the yard and slowly walks back into the house. We wait and watch. Intermittently, they take slow steps out of the camouflaged barrier, into the yard. 
“Look!” someone exclaims. “They’ve come closer!”
They seem uneasy at first, but the draw of food over-rides their instincts to run. They look around, cautiously. Then they relax a little and start to eat. When the bread is gone, they nibble on the patchy areas of long grass, cautiously, step by step, creeping closer to us. 
They are so graceful looking, so sweet and peaceful. We stand and watch, behind the glass divider, in wonder and awe. It’s almost as if they know they are being watched, but they are safe. We see how nature breathes life, and grace, and pure joy of His creation…..all seen only when man does not intervene, does not poison this beauty with his presence. Nature swims in pure life and joy! We are thankful for this moment, short but sweet, full of gratitude. 

God shows us, just at the right time, beauty and how people who live miles away from each other, coming together for a table full of thanksgiving, can find something we all know and believe in......Your creation…..that breathes His Holy name!
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328.  All nature breathes life!

In His Love, 


  1. Deer are so beautiful, and what a special treat for them & you ,and your family. I love the view out your window.

  2. What a lovely experience for the kids! And the adults! I enjoyed reading your gratitude list. (Popping over from Ann's "Multitudes")

  3. Thank you all! It was a real joy to have this 'close-up' experience. By the way, my niece is 25 years old, but has that innocent heart of gold! The youngest one there was 19. We just all had a childlike awe over this. It made my Thanksgiving celebration complete!


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