What can I share about myself?
  • Just in case you hadn't figured it out, Jesus is my life!
  • My family is extremely important to me, also.
  • I've been married to my husband(and best friend) for almost 33 years.
  • I have one son and a step-daughter(and son-in law)
  • I have three step grandchildren.(ages 23, 20, and 18)
  • I have 2 Chihuahuas that follow me everywhere - Jet (black/white, short-haired, 4 pounds); and Cheyenne (tan/white, short-haired, 2 pounds.)
  • I have a college degree in psychology
  • Over the years, I have worked part-time as a receptionist/administrator at our church's Community Care and Counseling center, as an activities therapist in a mental health facility, counselor in a crisis pregnancy center, and coordinator of a parenting program at a non-profit organization. 
  • I currently am not employed, as I have chosen to be a caregiver for my mother, who suffers from dementia, a challenging, but most rewarding calling!
Me, my mom, and my hubby(Summer, 2017)
  • I was in short-term missions for a year(working with deaf and hearing-impaired children) before I got married.
  • I love tea, especially vanilla chai tea
  • I collect anything to do with tea, but especially teacups and teapots.
  • I love gardening: including raising my own vegetables and an assortment of flowers.
  • My favorite flower is the Asiatic Lily.
  • I love music(mostly contemporary Christian) and going to Christian concerts.
  • I love the beach, lake, or just being near/on the water.
  • I love fishing with my husband.....I'm also pretty good at frying up some tasty fresh battered fish!
  • I love to walk and ride bikes on the trails in various towns and villages....fresh air and exercise are important staples of my life.
  • I do like reading, but have come to realize that my attention span seems to be very short, as it's difficult for me to ever finish a book. I rarely make it through to the end, unless I love it so much that I finish it in a day.
  • My hubby and I live in a small cottage on a lake. I also have a blog, called "Cairn Cottage", where I share many things about our simple and cozy cottage life on a lake.
  • My hubby and I enjoy RV'ing and try to spend some time traveling, now that he has officially retired, after working 42 years at the same job.
Why have a blog?
·  First and foremost I like writing, especially about how God is working in my life
·  I also love to read. I've been reading and following other bloggers for a while and decided it would be fun to be a part of that community.  I have read how others have been encouraged and built friendships from all over the world through blogging. 
·  I also know that I have recently had more time on my hands and God has been working in my heart to do this. I held off doing it, more out of not knowing how to get started or what I would even write about, than anything else. I also know that I’m not a professional writer and would hate to bore anyone who would read what I wrote. 
·  Even if I get very few(if any) followers, I hope that someone may find my blogs helpful in their lives, as so many have done for me in sharing theirs.  Maybe, I’ll even learn a little about how to become a better writer.
·  No matter what, I want to give God the glory and grow in Him, and have fun doing it!!!! 
·  Oh, yeah, I've also been realizing that as I keep a gratitude journal, I've taken on a new outlook on my life and how God is using me. By writing this blog, I hope to be more accountable to myself to keep writing about what He is doing and be continually thankful for His blessings.

My Mission Statement:
To read about my personal and blogger mission statements click here

 How did I decide on the name of my blog?
 If you go to my post on the subject, HERE that should answer this question quite accurately.