Saturday, March 30, 2013


I love what Easter represents, but also all that goes along with it. Family, fun, church, music, plays/dramas. Even things that don't have a "religious" theme, but have become a traditional part of our family gatherings: egg hunt, kite-flying, carry-in dinner: all make this season very special to me! 
Do you have fun traditions you do for Easter?

Blessings to you all this Easter!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life is Precious

She had been put on bedrest till her due date.

               The doctor said, no stress, till baby comes.
                         But on this special day, he gave special permission. 
                                    Her day . . . their day!
The joy on her face. . .
                            The excitement in her voice. . .
                                             The energy in her walk. . .

It was a day to celebrate the joy of life. . .
                          A day to show our support 
                                                    and love to the momma-to-be.
 And to this little one. . .  
I'm going to be a great aunt. once again, but she will be the first on my side of the family.
To rejoice in new life!  
 Pink was the color of the day!  
In the decorations, the cake, the presents!
 Already, preparations were being made for this little girl!                                This little life, not yet born, but forthcoming. 
Already, she's a precious life, to her parents and family,
                To extended friends and loved ones. 

Most importantly, to her Creator.
              To all, she is a princess. .
                   To the King, she is a member of His Royal family! 

     Already, she has a name. . .                  Cards were presented, with congratulations and love.
 Gifts were opened.Sweet, girl-y things were shared. 
The waiting is almost over. The anticipation has been intense at times, especially lately.  
 Only 7 weeks to go (or maybe sooner) and another little life will enter the world!

                                        Then we will say . . . 
Oh, how precious life is.
                  Even before she leaves the safe and comfortable womb,
                                   she is adored, embraced, and loved! 

 That is how our Lord sees each of us. . .

                  We are all precious to Him!!! 
                                  Thanks be to God, our Lord and Saviour!!! 

Giving thanks today, as I continue to count my blessings, and joining others at  "Multitude on Mondays"

1,273 - New life, soon to enter the world.
1,274 - My hubby, slowly overcoming a bad cold.
1,275 - Knowing my son will be coming home for Easter to visit.
1,276 - Melting snow
1,277 - Snacking on jelly beans
1,278 - My new look on both of my blogs (New headings and backgrounds).
1,279 - Being in awe and rejoicing, as I remember what Easter is about.